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Arabic Studies Minor

The minor in Arabic Studies is designed for students interested in developing an expertise in one or more aspects of the Arab World, as a complement to their disciplinary major. Completion of the minor requires at least 18 hours in applicable courses.

Language requirement (6 credit hours)

  • ARAB 405: Advanced Standard Arabic I
  • ARAB 406: Advanced Standard Arabic II

Arabic Culture and Linguistics courses (6 credit hours)

  • LING 411: Survey of Arabic Varieties (same as ARAB 411)
  • One of the following courses, chosen in consultation with the advisor:
    • ARAB 150: Lang&Culture of Arab World or 
    • ARAB 210: Colloquial Arabic I or
    • a study abroad equivalent (must be approved by the advisor)

Two Interdisciplinary courses related to the Arab World (6 credit hours)

To be chosen from the following list in consultation with the advisor:

  • ARAB 407: Topics Stand Arabic Lang & Lit I
  • ARAB 408: Topics Stand Arabic LangLit II
  • ARAB 409: Adv Top Stand Arabic LangLit I
  • ARAB 410: Adv Top Stand Arabic LangLit II
  • HIST 135: History of Islamic Middle East
  • HIST 437: Middle East in 20th Century
  • HIST 438: Egypt since World War I
  • PS 347: Gov and Pol of Middle East
  • RLST 213: Intro to Islam-ACP
  • RLST 214: Intro to Islam
  • RLST 223: Qur'an: Structure and Exegesis
  • RLST 260: Mystics and Saints in Islam
  • RLST 403: Women in Muslim Societies
  • RLST 408: Islam and Modern Society
  • RLST 410: Islam in Egypt
  • RLST 481: Muslim Ethics in Global Age
  • RLST 482: Muslim-Christian Interactions