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MATESL Graduate Degree

The Department of Linguistics offers a Master of Arts in the Teaching of English as a Second Language (MATESL) degree. The MATESL program not only prepares students to be effective classroom teachers, it also provides them with the solid theoretical background in second language acquisition and pedagogy essential for work in the areas of teacher supervision, materials development, curriculum design, and testing and evaluation. This program provides a strong stepping-stone to doctoral work.

Applicants must satisfy prerequisites for entry into the program. All applicants for admission to the MATESL Program must have taken a college level introduction to linguistics and must have at least two years of a foreign language. In addition, applicants must have also taken a basic course in language teaching methods and materials. These prerequisites may be satisfied by courses taken after becoming a student at the university, if necessary; however, credit for courses taken to satisfy curriculum prerequisites does not count toward the 40 hours necessary for the MATESL degree itself.

Detailed information about the degree can be found below: