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ESL 505

Dept/Number/Title: ESL 505 - Introduction to Academic Writing

Credit: 0 hours/0 units

Contact hours: 4 hours

Prerequisite: A minimum score of 550 on the TOEFL is assumed by the university for admission purposes. ESL 505 is limited to students enrolled in programs in the Executive Development Center. Students are exempted from taking this course altogether if they proficiency out of ESL 505 on the basis of the diagnostic test administered to all students during the first week of instruction.

Relation to other courses: ESL 505 is the final course in the graduate sequence of required courses. Some students may go on to take ESL 502 and 503, which are recommended courses.

Audience: International non-native speaker graduate students enrolled at UIUC. It will be open only to students authorized by the MSA, and MS-Tech programs.

Textbook: TBA (varies per instructor)

Abstract: This course is a "four-skills course" which focuses on all the language skills necessary to be successful in business programs and careers: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Course contents: Course seeks to improve student's English usage for both professional and academic purposes. Writing assignments will cover the most commonly-needed formats in the business arena: memos and business letters, summaries, executive summaries, case studies, a formal business proposal, and possibly cover letters and resumes. Additional focus is placed on oral presentation and negotiation skills with an emphasis on cross-cultural awareness and strategies for effective negotiations. Speaking assignments will include a formal business presentation, several negotiation role plays, job interview practice, plus many informal class and group discussions with special focus on the needs of non-native English speakers. Approved for S/U grading only.

Type of work: Students do a variety of individual, pair, small group and whole class activities which are supplemented by homework assignments.

Grading basis: Letter grades based on performance of students on class assignments and participation in class. A passing grade for this course is a grade of B- or higher.