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ESL 503

Credit: 0 hours/0 units

Contact Hours: 3 hr/week

Pre-requisite: Students may take ESL 502 who 1) have successfully completed ESL 501; or 2) have been exempted from ESL 501 on the basis of the first-day diagnostic exam.

Relation to other courses: This is an elective course, the final in our sequence of academic writing instruction.

Audience: Students who have fulfilled their ESL, university writing requirements, and who wish the opportunity for intensive peer feedback to improve the quality of their major academic papers and oral presentations.

Course Description: This is primarily a presentation workshop in which students are given opportunities to practice conference presentations or lessons. Considerable emphasis will be placed on speaking and presenting research in academic settings. Students will practice orally explaining their research, asking questions and giving feedback with the aim of creating and delivering compelling, professional presentations. Writing opportunities include a formal conference proposal and (given that there is time and interest) composing curriculum vitas. In addition, regular individual conferences with the instructor will supplement peer feedback.

Type of work: Students will practice orally presenting their research and giving feedback to their peers. They will share and discuss their writing-in-progress and work together to address common problems.

Grading Basis: Letter grades are decided collaboratively by instructor and student.