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ESL 502

Dept/Number/Title: ESL 502 - Advanced Academic Writing

Credit: 0 hours/0 units

Contact hours: 3 hours

Prerequisite: Students may take ESL 502 who 1) have successfully completed ESL 501; or 2) have been exempted from ESL 501 on the basis of the first-day diagnostic exam.

Relation to other courses: This course is recommended, but not required, for international graduate students upon completion of their regular university-required ESL course sequence (ESL 500-501).

Audience: Highly motivated, international graduate students enrolled at UIUC.

Textbook: Course packet of materials assembled by instructor.

Recommended Texts: Academic Writing for Graduate Students. John Swales and Christine Feak. Writing Up Research. Robert Weissberg and Suzanne Buker. Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers. L. Troyka

Course description: This is a workshop that trains students in the conventions of professional academic writing in their own fields through the use of Contract Learning.

Students practice self-directed learning with support of the ESL instructor by defining their own writing goals and pursuing those goals while writing for their major programs. Lessons in genre analysis enable students to derive field-specific models for research papers, research proposals, theses, dissertations, and critical reviews. Students submit a portfolio of writing produced in fulfillment of their learning contracts that also includes journal entries and a final self-reflection paper.

Type of work: Students do a variety of in-class group work in genre analysis, pair writing activities in the computer lab, intensive individual consultations with the instructor, and extensive revision activities.

Grading basis: Letter grades are decided collaboratively by instructor and student.