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ESL Grammar Workshop Series

All international students at UIUCare invited toattendSpring 2017 UIUC ESL Grammar Workshop Serieshosted by students inEIL 422 English Grammar for ESL TeachersandUIUC ESL Services Program.

  • Cost:ALLsessions areFREE for all international students at UIUC
  • Location: Sessionswill be held atForeign Languages Building (computer labs in the basement)
  • Topics:The following topics are the most difficult areas for ESL students and thus will be covered inthe workshop series (clickeach link below to find out more information about each workshop):
    • Sentence structure
    • Articles
    • Tense and Aspect
    • Prepositions and Phrasal Verbs

Sentence structure (Sign-up starts on Feb. 23)

Session 1: Mar. 9 (Thu.) 5-6:50 PM, FLB G8A

Session 2: Mar. 13 (Mon.) 6-7:50 PM, FLB G27


Tense and Aspect (Sign-up starts on Mar. 18)

Session 1: Apr. 4 (Tue.), 5-6:50 PM, FLB G17

Session 2:Apr. 5 (Wed.), 6-7:50 PM, FLB G17


Articles (Sign-up starts on Mar. 25)

Session 1: Apr. 10 (Mon.), 6-7:50 PM, FLB G17

Session 2: Apr. 13 (Thu.), 6-7:50 PM, FLB G17

Prepositions and Phrasal Verbs (Sign-up starts on Apr. 1)

Session 1:Apr. 18 (Tue.), 6-7:50 PM, FLB G17

Session 2:Apr. 19 (Wed.), 5-6:50 PM, FLB G17

Each session will betwo hours. Each session will include both a lecture/whole-class discussion and hands-on practice in smaller groups.There will be 2 through 4 instructors for each session, so students will have opportunities to ask for one-on-one help during small group activities.

Sign-up: Please go to this link ""and click on the session you want to register

Contact Information:
Please contact Mien-Jen Wu, UIUC ESL Writing Program Teaching Assistant, atmwu43@illinois.edufor more questions on registration or contactJin Kim, UIUC ESL Writing Program Curriculum Coordinator, atjinkim7@illinois.eduif you areinterested inadvertising this opportunity as an instructor or a private tutor workingfor international students atUIUC.