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Linguistics Department Courses

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Linguistics English as an International Language English as a Second Language Less Commonly Taught Languages

LING 100 Intro to Language Science

LING 104 Talking Culture

LING 105 Language in Daily Life

LING 111 Language in Globalization

LING 115 Language and Culture in India

LING 121 American Sign Language I

LING 191 Freshman Honors Tutorial

LING 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar

LING 210 Language History

LING 221 American Sign Language II

LING 225 Language, Mind and Brain

LING 240 Language in Human History

LING 250 Language Diversity in the USA

LING 260 Language and the Law

LING 270 Language, Technology & Society

LING 290 Individual Study

LING 300 Anat & Physiol Spch Mechanism

LING 301 Elements of Syntax

LING 302 Elements of Phonology

LING 303 General Speech Science

LING 307 Elmnts Semantics & Pragmatics

LING 321 American Sign Language III

LING 357 Intro to Conversation Analysis

LING 391 Honors Individual Study

LING 400 Intro to Linguistic Structure

LING 401 Intro to General Phonetics

LING 402 Tools & Tech Spch & Lang Proc

LING 404 Tutorials in Non-Western Lang

LING 406 Intro to Computational Ling

LING 407 Logic and Linguistic Analysis

LING 410 Historical Linguistics

LING 411 Survey of Arabic Varieties

LING 412 Lang in African Culture & Soc

LING 416 Structure of French Language

LING 418 Language&Minorities in Europe

LING 420 Intro to African Linguistics

LING 423 Language Acquisition

LING 425 Intro to Psycholinguistics

LING 427 Language and the Brain

LING 429 Language of Religion

LING 430 Intro to East Asian Ling

LING 432 Gender and Language

LING 438 Philosophy of Language

LING 450 Sociolinguistics I

LING 462 Intro Romance Ling

LING 465 Introduction to Bantu Syntax

LING 469 Structure of Semitic Languages

LING 470 Mind, Culture and Society

LING 486 Computer Foreign Lang Tchg

LING 490 Special Topics in Linguistics

LING 501 Syntax I

LING 502 Phonology I

LING 504 Practicum

LING 505 Language Teaching Practicum

LING 506 Topics in Computational Ling

LING 507 Formal Semantics I

LING 509 Topics in Cognitive Ling

LING 510 Topics in African Linguistics

LING 512 Language and Culture

LING 514 Design & Stats in Lang Study

LING 516 Field Methods

LING 520 Acoustic Phonetics

LING 521 Speech and Hearing Acoustics

LING 522 Articulatory Phonetics

LING 524 Dev Psycholinguistics

LING 525 Psycholinguistics

LING 529 Second Lang Acq & Bilingualism

LING 541 Syntax II

LING 542 Phonology II

LING 547 Formal Semantics II

LING 550 Sociolinguistics II

LING 551 Pragmatics

LING 555 Socioling of World Englishes

LING 559 Sem Romance Ling

LING 560 Seminar in Bilingualism

LING 570 Seminar in Cognitive Science

LING 575 Exper Phon I Spch Physiol

LING 576 Exper Phon II Spch Acous Perc

LING 581 Topics in Syntactic Theory

LING 582 Topics in Phonological Theory

LING 584 Theories in SLA

LING 587 Topics in Sociolinguistics

LING 588 Sem Second Lang Learn

LING 590 Special Topics in Linguistics

LING 591 Seminar in Linguistic Analysis

LING 594 Math Models of Language

LING 599 Thesis Research

EIL 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar

EIL 214 TESL in the Elementary School

EIL 215 TESL in the Secondary School

EIL 411 Intro to TESL Methodology

EIL 422 Engl Grammar for ESL Teachers

EIL 445 Second Lang Reading & Writing

EIL 456 Lang and Social Interaction I

EIL 460 Principles of Language Testing

EIL 487 Topics in Second Lang Studies

EIL 488 English Phon & Morph for TESL

EIL 489 Theoretical Foundations of SLA

EIL 511 Task Based Language Teaching

EIL 512 Practicum in Teaching ESL

EIL 580 Classroom Lang Acquisition

EIL 587 Seminar in Second Lang Studies

EIL 588 Generative Phon in Engl Tchg

EIL 591 Research in Special Topics

EIL 599 Thesis Research

Online Courses

EIL 411 Intro to TESL Methodology

EIL 460 Principles of Language Testing

EIL 486 Linguistics for Language Teachers

EIL 487 Technology for Language Teaching

EIL 488 English Phon & Morph for TESL

EIL 489 Theoretical Foundations of SLA


ARAB 150 Lang&Culture of Arab World

ARAB 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar

ARAB 201 Elementary Standard Arabic I

ARAB 202 Elementary Standard Arabic II

ARAB 210 Colloquial Arabic I

ARAB 211 Colloquial Arabic II

ARAB 403 Intermediate Stand Arabic I

ARAB 404 Intermediate Stand Arabic II

ARAB 405 Advanced Standard Arabic I

ARAB 406 Advanced Standard Arabic II

ARAB 407 Topics Stand Arabic Lang&Lit I

ARAB 408 Topics Stand Arabic LangLit II

ARAB 409 Adv Top Stand Arabic LangLit I

ARAB 410 AdvTop Stand Arabic LangLit II

ARAB 411 Survey of Arabic Varieties

BMNA 201 Elementary Bamana I

BMNA 202 Elementary Bamana II

BMNA 403 Intermediate Bamana I

BMNA 404 Intermediate Bamana II

BMNA 405 Advanced Bamana I

BMNA 406 Advanced Bamana II

GRKM 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar

GRKM 201 Elementary Modern Greek I

GRKM 202 Elementary Modern Greek II

GRKM 403 Intermediate Modern Greek I

GRKM 404 Intermediate Modern Greek II

HNDI 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar

HNDI 201 Elementary Hindi-Urdu I

HNDI 202 Elementary Hindi-Urdu II

HNDI 403 Intermediate Hindi I

HNDI 404 Intermediate Hindi II

HNDI 405 Advanced Hindi I

HNDI 406 Advanced Hindi II

HNDI 408 Intro to South Asian Lit

HNDI 412 Business Hindi

LGLA 201 Elementary Lingala I

LGLA 202 Elementary Lingala II

LGLA 403 Intermediate Lingala I

LGLA 404 Intermediate Lingala II

LGLA 405 Advanced Lingala I

LGLA 406 Advanced Lingala II

LGLA 407 Topics Lingala Lang & Lit I

LGLA 408 Topics Lingala Lang & Lit II

PERS 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar

PERS 201 Elementary Persian I

PERS 202 Elementary Persian II

PERS 403 Intermediate Persian I

PERS 404 Intermediate Persian II

SNSK 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar

SNSK 201 Elementary Sanskrit I

SNSK 202 Elementary Sanskrit II

SNSK 403 Readings in Sanskrit I

SNSK 404 Readings in Sanskrit II

SWAH 201 Elementary Swahili I

SWAH 202 Elementary Swahili II

SWAH 403 Intermediate Swahili I

SWAH 404 Intermediate Swahili II

SWAH 405 Advanced Swahili I

SWAH 406 Advanced Swahili II

SWAH 407 Topics Swahili Lang & Lit I

SWAH 408 Topics Swahili Lang & Lit II

SWAH 410 Adv Topics Swahili Lang&Lit II

TURK 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar

TURK 201 Elementary Turkish I

TURK 202 Elementary Turkish II

TURK 403 Intermediate Turkish I

TURK 404 Intermediate Turkish II

TURK 405 Advanced Turkish I

TURK 406 Advanced Turkish II

TURK 490 Special Topics in Turkish

WLOF 201 Elementary Wolof I

WLOF 202 Elementary Wolof II

WLOF 403 Intermediate Wolof I

WLOF 404 Intermediate Wolof II

WLOF 405 Advanced Wolof I

WLOF 406 Advanced Wolof II

WLOF 407 Topics Wolof Lang & Lit I

WLOF 408 Topics Wolof Lang & Lit II

ZULU 201 Elementary Zulu I

ZULU 202 Elementary Zulu II

ZULU 403 Intermediate Zulu I

ZULU 404 Intermediate Zulu II

ZULU 405 Advanced Zulu I

ZULU 406 Advanced Zulu II