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Jennifer S. Cole

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
Beckman Institute
Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

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Research Interests

Phonology, phonetics, phonological processing, speech prosody


  • Ph.D., Linguistics, MIT, 1987
  • M.A., Linguistics, University of Michigan, 1983
  • B.A., Linguistics, University of Michigan, 1982

Current Projects

  • Prosody research with large speech databases
  • Prosody and phonetic reduction in spontaneous speech
  • Phonotactic learning
  • Phonetic and lexical factors in vowel harmony
  • Sindhi: descriptive linguistics & pedagogy
  • Publications

    Books Edited

    • Cole, J., and J.I. Hualde. Laboratory Phonology. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2007.

    Journal Articles

    • Hasegawa-Johnson, Mark, Jennifer Cole, Preethi Jyothi, and Lav Varshney. "Models of dataset size, question design, and cross-language speech perception for speech crowdsourcing applications." Laboratory Phonology 6.3-4 (2015): 381-431.
    • Cole, Jennifer. "Prosody in context: A review." Language, Cognition and Neuroscience 30.1-2 (2015): 1-31.
    • Cole, Jennifer, Yoonsook Mo, and Mark Hasegawa-Johnson. "Signal-based and expectation-based factors in the perception of prosodic prominence." Laboratory Phonology 1.1 (2010): 425–452.
    • Cole, Jennifer, Yoonsook Mo, and Soondo Baek. "The role of syntactic structure in guiding prosody perception with ordinary listeners and everyday speech." Language and Cognitive Processes 25.7 (2010): 1141 – 1177.
    • McMurray, Bob, Linebaugh Gary, Cheyenne Munson, and Jennifer Cole. "Unmasking the acoustic effects of vowel-to-vowel coarticulation: A statistical modeling approach." Journal of Phonetics 38 (2010): 167-184.
    • Cole, Jennifer. "Emergent feature structures: Harmony systems in exemplar models of phonology." Language Sciences 31 (2009): 144–160.
    • Cole, J., H. Kim, H. Choi, and M. Hasegawa-Johnson. "Prosodic effects on acoustic cues to stop voicing and place of articulation: Evidence from Radio News speech." Journal of Phonetics (2007): 180-209.
    • Chen, K., M. Hasegawa-Johnson, A. Cohen, S. Borys, S-S. Kim, J. Cole, and J-Y. Choi. "Prosody dependent speech recognition on Radio News corpus of American English." IEEE Transactions in Speech and Audio Processing 14.1 (2006):
    • Choi, J-Y., M. Hasegawa-Johnson, and J. Cole. "Finding intonational boundaries using acoustic cues related to the voice source." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 118.4 (2005): 2579-88.
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    Book Contributions

    • Cole, Jennifer, and José I. Hualde. "Prosodic structure in sound change." Festschrift for Hans Henrich Hock. Comp. Benjamin Slade. Ed. Shu-Fen Chen. Ann Arbor, MI: Beech Stave Press, 2013. 28-45.
    • Cole, Jennifer, and Mark Hasegawa-Johnson. "Corpus phonology with speech resources." Handbook of Laboratory Phonology. Comp. Cécile Fougeron and Marie Huffman. Ed. Abigail Cohn. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2012. 431-440.
    • Cole, Jennifer, and José I. Hualde. "Underlying Representations." The Blackwell Companion to Phonology. Comp. Marc van Oostendorp, Colin Ewen, Elizabeth Hume, and Keren Rice. Malden, MA & Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing, 2011. 1-26.
    • McMurray, Bob, Jennifer Cole, and Cheyenne Munson. "Features as an emergent product of perceptual parsing: Evidence from vowel-to-vowel coarticulation." Where do Phonological Features Come From? Cognitive, Physical and Developmental Bases of Distinctive Speech Categories. Comp. R. Ridouane. Ed. G. N. Clements. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: John Benjamins, 2011. 197-236.