Department of Linguistics University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Linguistics Faculty

Name Title Research Keywords
Albirini, Abdulkafi Adjunct Associate Professor
Bhatt, Rakesh Professor Sociolinguistics, Bilingualism, Code-switching, World Englishes
Bokamba, Eyamba Professor Sub-Saharan African languages, sociolinguistics, language policy
Franks, Suzanne Visiting Assistant Professor Second Language Acquisition, Phonetics, Phonology, Pronunciation teaching, Portuguese as a Foreign Language, English as a Second Language
Girju, Corina Associate Professor Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Semanics and Pragmatics, Social Media
Hualde, José Professor Phonology, Historical Linguistics
Ionin, Tania Associate Professor second language acquisition
experimental semantics
syntax/semantics interface
Koshik, Irene Associate Professor Conversation analysis, language and social interaction, second language interaction, computer-mediated communication
Lasersohn, Peter Professor Semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language
MacDonald, Jonathan Assistant Professor Syntax, English, Romance Languages, Reflexives, Inner Aspect, Language Variation
Montrul, Silvina Professor Second language acquisition, bilingualism, heritage language acquisition, psycholinguistics
Sadler, Randall Associate Professor Language pedagogy, computer-mediated instruction, virtual worlds
Schreiner, Sylvia Visiting Assistant Professor Syntax, semantics, morphology, tense/aspect
Schwartz, Lane Assistant Professor Computational linguistics
Machine translation
Natural language processing
Compilers and programming languages
Shih, Chilin Associate Professor Phonetics, phonology, language pedagogy
Shosted, Ryan Associate Professor Articulatory Phonetics, Acoustic Phonetics, Language Documentation
Tanner, Darren Assistant Professor Psycholinguistics, sentence processing, second language acquisition, ERPs
Yan, Xun Assistant Professor Language testing and assessment, English for academic purposes, educational measurement, quantitative research methods
Yoon, James Hye Suk Professor Syntax, morphology, morphosyntax, Korean, Japanese, second language/heritage language acquisition

ESL and Language Faculty

Name Title Language Research Keywords
Arrigo, Jeffrey Lecturer English as a Second Language

Bishop, Hugh Lecturer English as a Second Language
Teaching English as a Second Language
Carroll, Elizabeth Lecturer English as a Second Language

Dastgheib, Zahra Instructor Persian

Dunse, Amber Lecturer

El Karkafi, Josephine Instructor

Faivre, Susan Senior Lecturer English as a Second Language
Teaching English as a Second Language
Language pedagogy
teacher training
program administration
Gathogo, Mary Lecturer Swahili

Huang, Jill Visiting Lecturer English as a Second Language

Kim, Jin Lecturer English as a Second Language

Kotnarowski, John Lecturer English as a Second Language

Lambert, Leyla Lecturer English as a Second Language

Mishra, Mithilesh Senior Lecturer Hindi
Maithili Phonology, Language Movements in India, Globalization and Language and Culture of India
Ozcan, Ayse Lecturer Turkish

Rosado, Cassandra Lecturer

Saadah, Eman Senior Lecturer Arabic
Walters,, F. Scott Lecturer
Language testing and assessment
conversation analysis
L2 pragmatics
Watts, Patricia Senior Lecturer English as a Second Language
Teaching English as a Second Language

Affiliated Faculty in Other Departments

Name Title Home Department Research Keywords
Baron, Dennis Professor English
English, language policy, literacy
Bowles, Melissa Associate Professor Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
Second language acquisition, computer-assisted language learning, language testing
Christianson, Kiel Professor Educational Psychology
Sentence comprehension & production, word recognition, reading, second language aquisition
Dell, Gary Professor Psychology
Language production & comprehension, neural networks
Dhillon , Pradeep Associate Professor Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
World Englishes
Escobar, Anna María Associate Professor Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
Language variation & change, bilingualism & language contact, Andean linguistics
Fagyal, Zsuzsanna Associate Professor French
phonetics, phonology, and sociolinguistics of French, social networks, language and minorities in Europe
Fisher, Cynthia Professor Psychology
Language acquisition
Hancin-Bhatt, Barbara Adjunct Assistant Professor College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Second language acquisition
Hasegawa-Johnson, Mark Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering
Speech recognition, mathematical linguistics
Loucks, Torrey Associate Professor Speech and Hearing Science
Stuttering, neural control of speech & voice production, speech motor learning
McCarthy, Timothy Professor Philosophy
Logic, philosophy of language
Packard, Jerome Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures
Chinese linguistics, word structure, acquisition & pedagogy
Roth, Dan Professor Computer Science
Natural language processing
Sproat, Richard Google, Inc.
Computational Linguistics, writing systems
Terkourafi, Marina Professor Center for Linguistics, University of Leiden
Pragmatics, sociolinguistics, cognitive linguistics

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Research Keywords
Davidson, Fred Professor Emeritus Language testing
Benmamoun, Abbas Professor Emeritus Syntax, morphology, Arabic
Kim, Chin-Woo Professor Emeritus Korean, phonetics, phonology, morphology
Green, Georgia Professor Emeritus Pragmatics, syntax
Cole, Jennifer Professor Emeritus Phonology, phonetics, speech technologies
Markee, Numa Professor Emeritus Conversation analysis, second language acquisition
Pandharipande, Rajeshwari Professor Emeritus Language of religion, sociolinguistics, Sanskrit, Hindi
Hock, Hans Henrich Professor Emeritus Historical linguistics, Indo-European, South Asian linguistics
Dickerson, Wayne Professor Emeritus Teaching English as a Second Language, pedagogical phonology, second language acquisition
Cheng, Chin-Chuan Professor Emeritus Chinese, phonetics, dialectology
Morgan, Jerry Professor Emeritus Pragmatics, computational linguistics, Albanian
Kisseberth, Charles Professor Emeritus Phonology
Cowan, J. Professor Emeritus Teaching English as a Second Language, Second Language Acquisition, Computer Assisted Language Learning
Maclay, Howard Professor Emeritus