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Chin-Woo Kim

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
Affiliated Faculty, Professor Emeritus of East Asian Languages and Cultures

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    Linguistics 4088 For Lang Bldg 707 S Mathews M/C 168 Urbana, IL 61801
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Journal Articles

  • Kim, Chin W., and Hyoung-Youb Kim. "The character of Korean glides." Studies in the Linguistic Sciences 21.2 (1991): 113-125.
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  • Kim, Chin W. "On the autonomy of the tensity feature in stop classification (with special reference to Korean stops).." Word 21 (1965): 339-359.

Book Contributions

  • Kim, Chin W. "Globalization of Korean: transplant or implant?." Korea in the Global Community: Past, Present, and Future. Ed. Eui Hang Shin. University of South Carolina, 1996. 191-205.
  • Kang, Seok-Keun, and Chin W. Kim. "A Moraic Account of Consonant Cluster Simplification in Korean." Proceedings of the Second Annual Meeting of the Formal Linguistic Society of Mid-America. 1991.
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