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Aida Talić

Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics

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  • Address:
    University of Illinois
    Dept. of Linguistics, MC-168
    707 South Mathews Avenue
    Urbana, IL 61801

    Office: 4021 Foreign Languages Bldg.
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  • PhD (University of Connecticut, 2017)

Current Projects

  • Upward P-cliticization, accent shift, and extraction out of PP (accepted to Natural Language and Linguistic Theory)
  • Spelling out enclitics and giving their tone a voice: Cyclic clitic incorporation in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and breaking the cycle (accepted to The Linguistic Review)
  • An MEG study testing the structure of two types of quantifiers in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (collaboration with Diogo Almeida (NYU Abu Dhabi), Željko Bošković (UConn), Jon Sprouse (UConn))
  • The acquisition of “D items” in a language without articles (collaboration with Helen Koulidobrova (CCSU))
  • Publications

    Journal Articles

    • Talic, Aida. "Long-Form and Short-Form Prenominal Adjectives are not Reduced Relative Clauses in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian." Linguistic Inquiry 48.1 (2017): 194-212.
    • "Adverb extraction, specificity, and structural parallelism." Canadian Journal of Linguistics 60.3 (2015): 417-445.
    • Talic, Aida. "Extraordinary complement Extraction: PP-complements and inherently Case-marked nominal complements." Studies in Polish Linguistics 8.3 (2013): 127-150.