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Shayne Chammavanijakul’s magazine written up in NYT

Published: Wed, 28 Mar 2018

UIUC linguistics undergrad Shayne Chammavanijakul’s magazine Dill was recently written up in the New York Times: Congratulations, Shayne!

Staci Defibaugh (UIUC PhD 2015) publishes first book through Palgrave Macmillan: "Nurse Practitioners and the Performance of Professional Competency

Published: Mon, 26 Mar 2018

 This book examines the interactional practices of nurse practitioners (NPs) and the delivery of health care in the US. The author takes a discourse analytic approach, examining the linguistic resources that NPs employ in their interactions with patients. These linguistic features are connected to the concept of professional competency with specific focus on the enactment of the patient-centered approach. Analytic focus is placed on how NPs address organizational responsibilities during medical visits with patients, the form and function of patient education, the use of indirect speech, and the role that small talk plays in health care encounters. The book explores the understudied professional field of nurse practitioners and examines their linguistic practices with an eye on crossing disciplinary boundaries, integrating research from linguistics, discourse analysis and health communication. It will appeal to those interested in medical discourse analysis and health communication, as well as applied linguistics scholars.

Staci Defibaugh is an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics in the English Department at Old Dominion University, USA. Her research examines the interactional practices of nurse practitioner-patient visits, the role of neoliberalism in healthcare in the US, and the positioning of patients as being responsible for their health.

Professor Ionin's Co-authored Book Accepted for Publication by the Linguistic Inquiry Monograph Series

Published: Tue, 16 Jan 2018

Tania Ionin and Ora Mutashansky to appear in the Linguistic Inquiry Monograph Series. Their working title is Cardinals: The Syntax and Semantics of Cardinal-Containing Expressions. Congratulations, Tania!

Congratulations, Graduates!

Published: Wed, 27 Dec 2017

Congratulations to all our Fall 2017 graduates!

B.A. in Linguistics

  • Blake Adelsperger
  • Lane Chapman
  • Megan Duncan
  • Toni Ellis
  • April Granzow
  • Tyler Hansen
  • Erik Lubben
  • Lizette Mojica
  • Bianca Teixeira

B.S. in Computer Science and Linguistics

  • Alex Kumamoto
  • Karolina Rys
  • Hui Xu

M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language

  • Marie Henehan

Ph.D. in Linguistics

  • John Jang
  • Seong Eun Park

Farzad Karimzad (PhD 2017) and Lydia Catedral (ABD: PhD 2018) win book contract with Routledge for 'Studies in Linguistics' series.

Published: Tue, 12 Dec 2017

Help us congratulate our students who got their monograph approved by the editorial board for the Routledge Studies in Linguistics Series!


The information for the work is as follows:


Title: Chronotopes and Migration: Language, Social Imagination, and Behavior

Extent: 80,000 words; about 100 printed pages

Images/Figures: n/a

Color: black and white

Binding:  hardback print run, available in a variety of ebook formats



In the news: CS+Linguistics program - one of the fastest-growing "CS + X" options

Published: Tue, 12 Dec 2017

Check out this article which details how the UIUC CS + Linguistics Degree has affected at least one Alum's job prospects!

Follow this Link to the article in News Gazette


Kate Lyon's Emoji Dictionary Used By Emoji Journalism Bloggers

Published: Thu, 02 Nov 2017


Check out this piece on Emoji usage surrounding #MeToo. Our own graduate student, Kate Lyons, has contributed an instrumental tool to the success of this endeavor which sheds some light on the current trending tag. Congrats Kate!

Professor Girju and student receive best paper runner up, best student paper, best of ACII awards at the 2017 IEEE ACII

Published: Mon, 23 Oct 2017

The paper "Decoding the Perception of Sincerity in Written Dialogues" by Roxana Girju and her graduate student, Codruta Garlea was awarded* the best paper runner up at the 7th IEEE Int'l Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII), Oct. 2017. 


The ceremony (and the announcement of the Best Paper Awards) will take place in San Antonio, Oct. 23-27. (


Edit* The paper has, since time of writing this announcement, been awareded both the 'Best of ACII' and 'Best Student Paper' Awards. Congratulations Roxana and Codruta! 

Linguistics PhD Alum Shawn (Yung-Hsiang) Chang Wins Golden Bell Award in Taiwan

Published: Mon, 25 Sep 2017

Shawn Chang last night won the Golden Bell Awards, the equivalent of the Emmy Awards in Taiwan.  He won in the category "Innovation, Research, Development and Applications" with a collaborative project with the Education Broadcasting Company on the project "Novel Broadcasting in Reading, Writing and Listening--Channel + Program Design with the Added Value of Artificial Intelligence".

Shawn is a PhD Alum of UIUC's Linguistic Department, having graduated in 2012. He is now an Assistant Professor at the National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan. In this picture, Shawn is the second from the left. 

Randall Sadler and Xun Yan awarded funding under the BRIDGE Seed Fund Program

Published: Fri, 08 Sep 2017

Drs. Randall Sadler and Xun Yan from the Department of Linguistics have been awarded funding under the BRIDGE (BiRmingham-Illinois Partnership for  Discovery, Engagement, and Education) seed fund program for collaboration between the University of Birmingham, UK and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.


The funding will support meetings in Birmingham in 2017 and in Urbana-Champaign in 2018 between Randall Sadler and Xun Yan (Illinois), Paul Thompson (Birmingham), Andrew Kehoe (Birmingham City University, and Jinsong Fan (Fudan University, China) to plan a joint project on ‘Writing Development in Global Higher Education’ (WriDGHE). The project aim is to build an international corpus of student writing in Higher Education representing the writing practices of university students in English as a Second/Foreign Language, and L1 language contexts. This will be used for studies of student writing development over the course of a university program, and for descriptions of different stages of linguistic development for L1 and L2 writers. 

Department Teachers Deemed 'Excellent'

Published: Wed, 30 Aug 2017

Below is a list of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for the Spring 2017 semester. Please join us in congratulating these valuable members of our department when you see them in class or around campus.

An asterisk (*) denotes outstanding evaluations. The courses taught by these teachers is indicated in the second column. 


SADLER,R                                          445

YAN,X                                                 460


ARRIGO,J                                           501,506

BRANSON,E TA                                111

*BURKEL,A TA                                  115

*CARROLL,E                                     112,115

CHERNETSKAYA,A TA                     501

CHUANG,P TA                                  111

DUNSE,A                                           504

FAIVRE,S                                            501


GREENFIELD,A TA                           504

*HALL,J TA                                        506

HUANG,J                                           111

*KEARFOTT,H TA                             501

KIM,A TA                                           115

*KOTNAROWSKI,J                           115,501

LAMBERT,L                                       502

*LI,Q TA                                             501

MILLER,B TA                                     508

MISZOGLAD,E TA                            112

OU,J TA                                              501

*PARK,H TA                                      501

*RANA,R TA                                      501

*ROCHELEAU,S TA                          501

ROSADO,C                                        502,503

*SIMS,L TA                                        501

*WALTERS,F                                     501

*WATTS,P                                         508

WU,M TA                                          501


CATEDRAL,L TA                                111

*DRACKLEY,P TA                             111

EL KARKAFI,J                                    202 (ARAB)

GREENFIELD,A TA                           111

IONIN,T                                             425

*KIMBALL,A                                      100

LASERSOHN,P                                  591

*LUTOMIA,A TA                              202 (SWAH)

SAADAH,E                                         150,406,408 (ARAB)

SCHREINER,S                                    307

SCHWARTZ,L                                    415

SHOSTED,R                                       401

*SANEI,T TA                                     202 (PER)

*WEISSMAN,B TA                           100,250

Alumni in the News: Cher-Leng Lee (PhD 1990)

Published: Wed, 30 Aug 2017

On Saturday, the Times quoted Cher-Leng Lee (PhD UIUC Linguistics 1990) on Chinese dialects spoken in Singapore.

The article, by Ian Johnson, indicates that "Singapore’s language scene was once 'a linguistic tropical rain forest,' chaotic but vibrant. Then came a campaign to limit speech to just English and Mandarin. Now, dialects are coming back."

The full article can be found here. 

Alumni in the News: Liz Pearce (PhD 1985)

Published: Wed, 30 Aug 2017

Elizabeth "Liz" Pearce (PhD UIUC Linguistics 1985) has announced her retirement from Victoria University of Wellington in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies. 

A festschrift entitled Linguistic travels in time and space: Festschrift for Liz Pearce has been published in her honor and can be found by clicking through to this link.

For those interested, Wikipedia states this of the term:

"In academia, a Festschrift (German pronunciation: [ˈfɛstʃrɪft]; plural, Festschriften [ˈfɛstʃrɪftən]) is a book honoring a respected person, especially an academic, and presented during their lifetime. The term, borrowed from German, could be translated as celebration publication or celebratory (piece of) writing (literally 'party-writing'; cognate with 'feast-script'). Sometimes, the Latin term liber amicorum (literally: “book of friends”) is used for a Festschrift."



Published: Sun, 27 Aug 2017

A warm welcome to everyone as we kick of the 2017-18 academic year. We start the new year with a growing family.

The following are new faculty members joining us this year:

  • Michael Bowen (ESL Lecturer)
  • Charles Dold (ESL Lecturer)
  • Eva Miszoglad (ESL Lecturer)
  • Julie Prentice (ESL Lecturer)
  • John Young, Jr (ESL Lecturer)
  • Sergei Zalesov (ESL Lecturer)
  • Suzanne Franks (Teaching Assistant Professor, TESL/Linguistics)
  • Hyun Sook Kang (Teaching Associate Professor, TESL/Linguistics) (starts January, 2018)
  • Krystal Smalls (Assistant Professor, joint appointment with Anthropology — sociolinguistics)
  • Aida Talic (Visiting Assistant Professor - syntax)

Jeff Arrigo (ESL Lecturer) and Sylvia Schreiner (Visiting Assistant Professor) have left the department. Patti Watts (ESL Senior Lecturer) and Abbas Benmamoun (Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Professor of Linguistics) have retired from the department after many years of service. 

In other news related to faculty, Darren Tanner is taking a leave of absence for this academic year and José Hualde will be on sabbatical during the Spring semester. John MacDonald (Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese) was promoted to associate professor with tenure. Congratulations, John!

We are happy to welcome 11 new graduate students in the MA-PhD program in Linguistics and 12 in the MATESL program.

LING MA-PhD Students:

  • Wafa Abdulla
  • Chase Adams
  • Sarah Clark
  • Silvia Valesca Fortuna Dias
  • Helen Gent
  • Amy Gorgone
  • Chelsey Norman
  • Hyunji (Hayley) Park
  • Irfan Shailendra
  • Beo Deul Song
  • Gorrey Wawire

MATESL Students:

  • Arzu Avci
  • Crystal Bonano
  • Calen Gutwein
  • Margaret Heald
  • Nalaka Hewage
  • Eric Ho
  • Hanyu Jia
  • Kelvin Kiarie
  • Cheyenne Miller
  • Liangyu Qian
  • Rebecca Shaw
  • Carolina Torrejon

An updated list of current students, including UG students, can be found on our webpage.

A welcome reception for new and returning members of the department is scheduled 4–6pm, 29th of August (Lucy Ellis Lounge, FLB). All are welcome.

James Hye Suk Yoon
Professor and Head